19 July 2014

Pakistan Movement - Nationhood 1947-1988

Pakistan Movement - Nationhood 1947-1988

General Knowledge Question Answers - "Pakistan Movement - Nationhood 1947-1988"

1.What is the meaning of RCD?Regional Cooperation for development
2.Who became the second Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1951?Khawaja Nazimuddin
3.Which western leader visited Pakistan in 1981?Margaret Thatcher
4.What is a Jirga?Tribal assembly
5.Under the tgerms of which Constitution was the title ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ first adopted?1956
6.What was the average national growth rate of Pakistan during the 1960s?7%
7.Who was the Foreign Minister of Pakistan in 1965?Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
8.Who called the first general elections of Pakistan in 1970?Yahya Khan
9.Which organisation was given the power by Zia-ul-Haq to decide if Laws were 'Islamic'?Federal Shariat Court
10.In which year did Pakistan and Afghanistan agree on a plan which would mean the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan?1988
11.Who became Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1985?Junejo
12.With whom did Pakistan sign a treaty of nuclear cooperation in 1986?China
13.What position did Liaquat Ali Khan hold in Pakistan's first government of 1947?Prime Minister
14.What position did the Quaid-e-Azam hold in an attempt to help the religious minorities in Pakistan?Protector-General
15.In 1955 which court decided that Ghulam Muhammad's declaration of a state of emergency was illegal?Sindh
16.Who was the President of Pakistan in 1972?Chaudri Fazal Elahi
17.What did Z.A. Bhutto found in 1972 to function as Pakistan's internal security agency?Federal Security Force
18.In which year did the Soviet Union send troops into Afghanistan?1979
19.From where was Zia-ul-Haq flying when his aeroplane was blown up in1988?Bahawalpur, Punjab
20.Who became President of Pakistan in 1969?General Yahya Khan
21.Who became Chief Martial Law Administrator and governor of East Pakistan in 1971?General Tikka Khan
22.What Pakistan body did Zulfikar Ali Bhutto claim needed modernizing in the 1970s?Civil Service
23.What name was given to the operation which led to the arrest of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto by the Pakistan army in 1977?Operation Fairplay
24.Who did Zia-ul-Haq replace as President of Pakistan in 1978?Fazal Elahi
25.Which High Court ordered a stay of execution in 1979 on sentences passed by the military courts?Balochistan
26.Who became acting President in 1988 on the death of Zia-ul-Haq?Ghulam Ishaq Khan
27.What does C ENSTO stand for?Central Asia Treaty Organization
28.In which city was an assassination attempt made on Ayub Khan in 1968?Peshawar
29.What name was given to the rebel Bengali military force in 1971?Mukti Bahini (Liberation Army)
30.Which part of Karakoram Highway was reopened in 1978?Silk route
31.What value was placed on the goods and commodities exchanged between Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1986?$40 million
32.Which district of the Punjab contained the canal head works that controlled water coming into Pakistan in 19417?Firozpur
33.Which princely state of Balochistan agreed to accede to Pakistan in 1947?Kalat
34.Which organization did Pakistan wish to legally settle the Canal Water Dispute?International Court of Justice
35.Where was Pakistan's Service Corps School based?Kakul
36.Who became the first Pakistani commander-in-chief of the army in 1951?General Ayub Khan
37.Which government post did Malik Ghulam Muhammad hold when he persuaded Khawaja Nazimuddin to become Prime Minister after the death of Liaquat Ali Khan?Finance Minister
38.Which politician survived only six weeks as Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1957?Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar
39.Which international organization did Pakistan leave in 1972?SEATO
40.Who went on an official visit to the USA in 1954 during which Ghulam Muhammad declared a state of emergency in his absence?Muhammad Ali Bogra
41.Who opposed Ayub Khan in the 1964 presidential election?Fatima Jinnah
42.Who became President of Pakistan in 1970?Chaudhri Fazal Elahi
43.Who threatened to 'break the legs' of PPP members if they attended the inaugural session of the National Assembly in 1971?Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
44.Who were exempt from the Zakat tax in 1980?Shia Muslims
45.Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1985 to 1988?Muhammad Khan Junejo
46.Who became the third Governor General of Pakistan in 1951?Malik Ghulam Muhammad
47.In which year was the ‘One Unit Scheme’ introduced?1955
48.Name the organization which Pakistan, Iran and Turkey joined in 1964?RCD
49.In which year was Islamabad officially made the capital of Pakistan?1967
50.Who became President of Pakistan following the declaration of Martial Law in 1969?Yahya Khan
51.Which politician made the promise of ‘Food’ Shelter and Clothing’ to the people of Pakistan in 1970?Bhutto
52.Which organization did the Quaid-e-Azam set up to deal with the refugee problem in 1947?Central Refugee Council
53.What organization did Zia ul-Haq set up to bring the legal framework of Pakistan closer to Islam?Council of Islamic Ideology
54.Name one of the school subjects that Zia ul-Haq made compulsory?Islamiat or Pakistan Studies
55.Which organization was known as MRD?Movement for the Restoration of Democracy
56.Why did Zia ul-Haq visit Moscow in 1984?To attend the funeral of Andropov

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