Nazam Section - MCQs - Urdu XII

Nazam Section - MCQs - Urdu XII

Urdu Multiple Choice Questions from "Nazam Section / Hissa Nazam" for class 12th, XII, Second Year

Creation of Pakistan - Online Practice - Level 3

ISSB Test - Pakistan Studies

Creation of Pakistan Mcqs – Online Practice (10 Questions)

English Essay - An Evening Walk and the Sunset

An Evening Walk and the Sunset

English Essay on "An Evening Walk and the Sunset"

Points: Introduced – Fresh atmosphere – Gardens on either side of the road – The lake and the sunset – Conclusion.
Everyone knows that walking is useful and pleasant exercise. Who can deny the pleasure of going out for a walk in the evening after a hot day?
At about 5 O'clock yesterday I left my home for my usual evening walk. After about fifteen minutes I came upon the broad road which leads to an open field. I felt as if I was living in a new world. The air that I breathed was different from that which I had been breathing so far, for it was cool, fresh and bracing. The sights I saw were different. In front of me lay a long road, on both sides of which were seen big shady trees with green leaves. I felt much joy in walking on that road. There was not much traffic and only a few cars glided past me. A few gentleman passed by me on their bicycles, and their bells sounded clear and musical.

English Essay - A Morning Walk and the Sunrise

A Morning Walk and the Sunrise

English Essay on "A Morning Walk and the Sunrise"

Points: Introduced – The pleasing sights of the sunrise – The pleasures and advantages of a morning walk -People that meet us in the morning -Conclusion.
The sunrise is one of the most beautiful sights of Nature. Its praises have been sung by many poets who have all associated it with peace and joy. At this time everything appears to be beautiful. The rising sun illumines the mountain-tops, the trees, the temples, the mosques, the buildings of a big city. The eastern sky is flooded with a gentle and rosy colour, and everything appears to be bright and golden. Very often a gentle breeze blows at this time, which is very fresh and health-giving. It blows over vast plains and treetops, and even creeps into dark houses in crowded lanes.

English Essay - The Advent of the 15th Century Hijri

The Advent of the 15th Century Hijri

English Essay on "The Advent of the 15th Century Hijri"

Points: Introduction – Why the Muslims in the past were blessed? – Inauguration of 15th century Hijri in Pakistan – Conclusion.
The advent of the 15th Century Hijra is a very important event in the history of Islam. 1400 years ago the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) migrated from Mecca to Medina. The Hijrat marked not only the beginning of the glory of Islam, but also opened the most illustrious chapter of world history. Within a few years the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) created an ideal society, knit together on the basis of love and equality. The light of justice, peace and brotherhood that he lit in Arabia spread out and illuminated within a century the entire area from Spain to Central Asia.

English Essay - Interest Free Banking

Interest Free Banking

English Essay on "Interest Free Banking"

Points: Introduction – Function of the modem banking – Commandments of the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet Views against interest free banking – Bold step of the government – Conclusion.
Modem banks play a vital role in the economy of a country. Bank carries its business in terms of money. It collects money as "deposits" from the people and gives the same on loan to the traders, businessmen, producers and entrepreneurs. It helps the country in increasing production and employment. The money collected by it as "deposits" is really the surplus money which the community has and directs it to the productive channels.
The present functioning of modern banking is based on fixed rate of interest. It has no doubt contributed a lot to the expansion of the country's production capacity and services, but at the same time it has been responsible for causing voids and imbalances in our society. The existing banking service entertains only the small privileged class and all facilities of banking credits are extended only to it. This arrangement creates class differences in society and causes inflation.

Abou Ben Adhem - Online Mcqs Test - XI

English XI

Abou Ben Adhem – Online Mcqs Test (20 Mcqs)

Abou Ben Adhem - MCQs - English XI

Abou Ben Adhem - MCQs - English XI

Mcqs from Poetry Section "Abou Ben Adhem" for class 11th, XI, First Year