28 May 2014

Pakistan History - Past Questions from IBA Tests

Pakistan History - Past Questions from IBA Tests

General Knowledge Question Answers - "Pakistan History"

Questions from IBA Admissions Tests. These questions are a valuable tool in narrowing down your GK preparation.

1.Who made Pakistan's flag?
2.Simla agreement when?1972
3.Who built the Taj Mahal?Shah Jahan
4.Sher Shah Suri made the __________ fort.Rohtas
5.Mohenjodaro belongs to which civilization?Indus Civilization
6.razia sultana belongs to which dynasty?Slave
7.Which of the following were concerned with Khilafat movement?Ottoman Empire
8.Which of the following was not a president of Pakistan?A.K. Fazle Haq
9.Which of the following P.M's was not a Foreign Minister of Pakistan?H.Shaheed Suharwardy
10.Which was the first country to recognize Pakistan after independence?Iran
11.The Objective Resolution was passed in?1949
12.When was Quaid-e-Azam born?25 December 1876
13.Which constitution was never passed by the assembly?Ninth Amendment
14.When were the first general elections? 1970
15.Which PM of Pakistan died in 1993? M. Khan Jonejo
16.Who was the speaker of the National Assembly in 1969?Abdul Jabbar Khan
17.Which canal was used in the war of 1965?Ichhogil Canal
18.Which Muslim country supported India in the war of 1965?Iran
19.Which Governor General was also Prime Minister?Khuwaja Nizamuddin
20.Death of first P.M?1951
21.Who revoked the martial law after the Yahya khan's regime?
22.Shariat Ordinance was delayed by 20 days after being introduced - Why?
23.Allama Iqbal Address when & where?1930 in Allahbad
24.Why did Pakistan leave the Common Wealth?Fall of Dacca
25.Quaid-e-Azam gave his 14 points in response to:Nehru Report
26.Which Pakistani President went to India to see a cricket march?Zia-ul-Haq
27.Who appointed Ayub Khan?Iskander Mirza
28.Who was the 2nd Governor General of Pakistan?Khuwaja Nizamuddin
29.When did Pakistan rejoin the Common Wealth after leaving it in 1972?1989
30.Tashkent declaration was between Ayub Khan and which Indian Prime Minister.Lal bahadur Shastri, 1966
31.Zia-ul-Haq’s plane crashed in which year.17th Aug 1988
32.Ishaq Khan dissolved the Govt. of Benazir in which year.1988-89
33.Which Pakistani Leader leader was hanged to death in 1979?Z.A. Bhutto
34.Who was the Awami league leader in 1971?Mujib-ur-Rehman
35.First President of Pakistan?Iskander Mirza
36.Battle of Plassey?Bengal
37.War over the dispute of Ram of Kutch was in1965
38.Famous Historian of S. Asia.Stanley Walport
39.Before being PM Bogra was US Ambassador

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