21 May 2014

Pakistan Economy - Past Questions from IBA Tests

Pakistan Economy - Past Questions from IBA Tests

General Knowledge Question Answers - "Pakistan Economy"

Questions from IBA Admissions Tests. These questions are a valuable tool in narrowing down your GK preparation.

1.Federal Budget
2.Export Target of Pakistan?
3.What is the National Debt of Pakistan
4.The largest foreign investment in Pakistan has been in:Textile Spinning
5.The Inflation and Savings rate of Pakistan are:
6.Which of the following operates on a Provincial rather than National Level.SAZDA
7.Which is the largest sector of the KSE?Banking
8.Who took control over UBl?Abu Dhabi Group
9.What is the range of the KSE index?
10.What is the largest source of expenditure in the budget?
11.What’s the discount rate set by SBP?
12.Production of cotton is ?12.1 million bales.
13.Total Pakistan Labour force is Agriculture sector30 – 40
14.Major KSE dominators
15.Largest cotton marketFaisalabad
16.KSE index
17.Pak’s credit rating

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