1 June 2013

Physics Karachi Board XI [Torque and Angular Momentum and Equilibrium] Online Test 2

Physics XI Karachi Board [Torque and Angular Momentum and Equilibrium] MCQS Online Test - 2

Physics Aptitude Test. 20 Questions from Chapter 05 Torque and Angular Momentum and Equilibrium .
Q1. A body satisfying the second condition of equilibrium will be in
Q2. Torque is synonymous of
Q3. The time rate of change of angular momentum is called
Q4. Torque is zero, If angle 0 between force and moment am is
Q5. The motion of the body can be described by the motion of its
Q6. If a body is rotating clock-wise direction, the torque is
Q7. The two forces constitute couple are
Q8. When a torque acting on a system is zero, which of the following will be constant
Q9. A body or object is said to be in equilibrium when it
Q10. If the axis of rotation passes through the body itself, the corresponding rotatory motion is called
Q11. A paratrooper falling towards the earth is in a state of equilibrium because
Q12. An electric fan rotating at 5rev/sec is switched off. It comes to rest In 10 sec. The uniform deceleration is.
Q13. A particle moving in a horizontal circle with constant angular velocity.
Q14. An electric fan rotating at 3 rev s-1 is switched off. It comes to rest in 18.0 s. Assuming deceleration to be uniform. How many revolutions did it turn before coming to rest?
Q15. A body of mass m moves in a circle of radius r with constant angular velocity o about a point. What is Its angular momentum about this point?
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