1 June 2013

Physics Karachi Board XI [Torque and Angular Momentum and Equilibrium] Online Test 1

Physics XI Karachi Board [Torque and Angular Momentum and Equilibrium] MCQS Online Test - 1

Physics Aptitude Test. 20 Questions from Chapter 05 Torque and Angular Momentum and Equilibrium .
Q1. The object in equilibrium may not have any
Q2. If line of action of force passes through axis of rotation, moment arm is equal to
Q3. The unit of angular momentum is
Q4. Torque has maximum value if angle between r and F is
Q5. The physical quantity which plays the same part in angular motion as force does in linear motion is called
Q6. An example of couple is
Q7. The moment of Inertia of body having rotational motion is give by
Q8. The angular momentum is cross product of
Q9. The point at which an applied force produces a linear acceleration but not rotation is called
Q10. The physical quantity which produces angular acceleration in a body is called
Q11. It is easier to turn a steering wheel with both hands than with a single hand because
Q12. A couple acting on a body will only
Q13. The perpendicular distance between the line of action of force and the axis of rotation is called
Q14. A body will be in rotational equilibrium only if
Q15. If the axis of rotation lies outside the body, the corresponding rotary motion is called the
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