11 June 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [The Cell] Online Test 2

Biology Mcqs XI [The Cell] MCQS Online Test - 2

Biology Aptitude Test. 19 More Questions from Chapter # 04 The Cell.
Q1. Which one of the following is non-membrane bound organelle?
Q2. Fluid mosaic model of PIasma membrane was proposed by:
Q3. The phospholipid molecules in the plasma membrane are arranged in:
Q4. Integral proteins are:
Q5. Concerning entry and exit of substances across plasma membrane, which statement is correct.
Q6. The process in which the cell membrane helps to take in material by infolding in the form of vacuole is:
Q7. The process in which liquid material in bulk, is taken in the form of vesicles" is:
Q8. "The process in which solid particles are picked and ingested by the cell" is:
Q9. The process of membrane fusion and the movement of material out of a cell is:
Q10. Which of the following is the non-living component of cell?
Q11. A plant cell wall can be differentiated into:
Q12. Composition of plant Cell Wall (From outside to inside):
Q13. Middle Lamella of Cell Wall is composed of:
Q14. Primary cell wall contains hemicellulose upto:
Q15. The ratio of hemi cellulose to cellulose in primary cell wall is:
Q16. Plasmodesmata are places in the cell wall where:
Q17. Concerning nucleus present in the cell:
Q18. Fluid present in nucleus is called:
Q19. No of Autosomes present in human are:
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