11 June 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [The Cell] Online Test 3

Biology Mcqs XI [The Cell] MCQS Online Test - 3

Biology Aptitude Test. 19 More Questions from Chapter # 04 The Cell.
Q1. A typical chromosome composed of:
Q2. Chromatid consists of one or more threads called:
Q3. Beaded area present on chromatids is:
Q4. Chromosomes which equal arms resembling the letter ‘V’ are:
Q5. Acrocentric chromosomes are also known as:
Q6. Centromere located at the end of chromosome means:
Q7. Chromosomes with unequal arms and resembling the letter ‘J’ are :
Q8. The nucleolus present in nucleus play an important role in the synthesis of:
Q9. Non-membrane bound organelle includes.
Q10. Non-membrane bound organelle include
Q11. The movement exhibits by cytoplasm is called:
Q12. Which one of the following organelle is membrane bound?
Q13. Endoplasmic Reticulum is composed of:
Q14. Concerning Endoplasmic Reticulum which of the following statement is correct?
Q15. Smooth E.R. in the skin converts cholesterol into the lipid compound called:
Q16. Which organelle provide passage for RNA to pass from the nucleus to various organelles in cytoplasm?
Q17. Detoxification of harmful drugs chemicals & manufacture lipids is done by:
Q18. Chondriosome is another name for:
Q19. Which of the following organelle seen to be in constant motion in living cells?
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