24 September 2014

The Inheritors - Summary - English 10th

The Inheritors - Summary - English 10th

Summary from Chapter No 17 "The Inheritors" for class 10th, X, Matric Class

Azam and Moazzam inherited a cow, a date palm and a blanket from their father. Azam, the elder brother was greedy and clever. He cheated his younger brother Moazzam by taking advantage of his clever division of the property. Now Azam got the milk because the rear part of the cow was his while Moazzarn fed the cow. Azarn got all the dates because the top part of the tree was his while Moazzam watered the tree. Azam slept under the blanket at night because it was his for the night. Moazzarn got his due share on the advice of an old man of the village. Azam agreed to share the property with Moazzam fairly and equally.

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