28 September 2014

The Customs of Various Regions of Pakistan - Summary - English 10th

The Customs Of Various Regions Of Pakistan - Summary - English 10th

Summary from Chapter No 25 "The Customs Of Various Regions Of Pakistan" for class 10th, X, Matric Class

There are a variety of customs of the people of various regions of our country. The Pathans are sturdy and brave. Their favourite food is meat. They announce the birth of a son by rifle shots. Their marriages are arranged by their parents. The Punjab is the centre of culture and a seat of learning. Various crafts of Punjab are famous all over the country. Girls dance Luddi and men, Bhangra to express their joy on weddings. The Balochis lead a simple life. Balochi women wear most of their jwellery all the time. The folk music of Sindh is very melodious. Aighoza and Ek Tara are their popular musical instruments. Sindhi embroidery is famous all over Pakistan.

The Customs Of Various Regions Of Pakistan
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