11 September 2013

English Essay - My Neighbour

English Essay [My Neighbour]

English Essay on "My Neighbour"

My Neighbour

Points: Introduction - Division of people according to profession The importance of a good neighbour – My neighbour – A ideal one - Conclusion.
I live in Karachi which is a very big city. The area where I live is inhabited by people belonging to different trade and professions. Some of them are government servants. The others are school and college teachers, doctors, engineers and businessmen.
Happy is the man who has good neighbours. Fortunately, I am one of them. I have the best of relations with my neighbours. They are frank and sociable. They whole-heartedly co-operate with one another. They share one another joys and sorrows. There has never been any trouble between us. Our life has been smooth and peaceful. We have lived in harmony for years. My neighbours are like my relatives. In fact, we behave as if we are members of a family.
I have many neighbours, but the best among them is the one who lives on my left. He is a doctor by profession. He is gentle, and sober. He is always polite and courteous. He is the father of a happy family of four children. His wife is a highly cultured and civilized lady. One of his sons is of my age and all our programmes of study and recreation go jointly, Inspire of their wealth and status, they are not at all proud.adamjeecoaching.blogspot.com
My neighbour shares joys and sorrows of their neighbours. He is full of sympathy for everyone. He has always been helpful to me. Whenever I have had any trouble he has come to help me without asking for it. He has never charged any fees for attending any patient in the locality.adamjeecoaching.blogspot.com
My neighbour is full of mirth. I have never seen him glum or gloomy. He is always full of cheerfulness and good humor. You may drop in at any time you will never find him cold. He always welcomes us with a warm smile.
My neighbour is honest and sincere. He is a very busy doctor. He has a kind word and sweet smile for any patient who visits him. He is courteous to every one. He makes no distinction between one patient and another. If there is an urgent case he does not hesitate to get up in the middle of night. He is a true servant of suffering humanity.
These qualities have endeared him to me. The greatest quality in him as a neighbour is his considerateness; Every one in the locality is full of praise for him.

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