2 September 2013

Chemistry Mcqs XII [300 MCQS All Chapters] Online Test 28

XII Chemistry Online Mcqs - All Chapters - Online Mcqs Test - 28

Chemistry Online Mcqs Test for class 12, Second Year, According to Karachi Board 300 Online Multiple Choice Questions
Q1. The substances which are added to the soil to provide one or more nutrient elements essential for plant growth are called
Q2. The percentage of nitrogen in ammonium nitrate is
Q3. The elements like nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium are added in large amounts to the soils and are called
Q4. Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is not used for which crop?
Q5. The widely used nitrogen fertilizer that contains about 46% nitrogen is
Q6. The chemical name of urea is
Q7. Fertilizers are classified into
Q8. Ca3(Po4)2 is called
Q9. Soap is an anionic surfactant in which the polar group is a
Q10. Detergent are a major cause of water pollution because they
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