1 September 2013

Chemistry Mcqs XII [300 MCQS All Chapters] Online Test 18

XII Chemistry Online Mcqs - All Chapters - Online Mcqs Test - 18

Chemistry Online Mcqs Test for class 12, Second Year, According to Karachi Board 300 Online Multiple Choice Questions
Q1. Aldehydes and carboxylic acids can be obtained by the catalytic oxidation of
Q2. If an alkyl halide is allowed to react with nascent hydrogen, it produces which of the following compound?
Q3. The alkyne can be converted to corresponding alkane by adding hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst. This reaction is called
Q4. On heating sodium acetate with sodium hydroxide in the presence of calcium oxide, gives a gas that can be burnt; which of the following is that gas
Q5. A hydrocarbon gas that is colourless, odorless, insoluble in water and found in natural gas as well, which one is that
Q6. Methane can react with halogens under catalyzed conditions of sunlight. This type of reaction is called
Q7. Polyethylene is produced from ethylene at high temperature and pressure. This is an example of
Q8. Ethene gas when passed through slightly alkaline potassium permanganate solution, the color of the solution is discharged due to
Q9. When ethylene is allowed to react with sulphur monochioride, it produces a very poisonous gas known as
Q10. Name the hydrocarbon gas that is applied as general anesthesia
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