29 August 2013

Chemistry Mcqs XII [300 MCQS All Chapters] Online Test 1

XII Chemistry Online Mcqs - All Chapters - Online Mcqs Test - 1

Chemistry Online Mcqs Test for class 12, Second Year, According to Karachi Board 300 Online Multiple Choice Questions
Q1. How many elements have been discovered so far?
Q2. Which of the following discovery resulted in a revision of the Mendeleev’s periodic law?
Q3. Who classified the then known elements into metals, nonmetals and their derivatives
Q4. In 1829, a German chemist, ____made use of the idea of relationship between atomic weights and properties of elements for the classification of elements.
Q5. The law of octaves was given by
Q6. “Physical and chemical properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic weight”. This is called
Q7. Lother Mayer arranged the elements in order of their increasing atomic weights and found that
Q8. Modern classification of elements is based on
Q9. Which property is same in elements of same group of periodic table?
Q10. The valency, ionization energy, electron affinity and electro negativity of elements are related to its
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