12 August 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Reproduction] Online Test 3

Biology Mcqs XII [Reproduction] MCQS Online Test - 3

Biology Aptitude Test. 10 Questions from Chapter # 18 Reproduction
Q1. The animals in which female gametes called eggs/ova are produced in the ovaries located inside the body of a female are:
Q2. Regarding reproductive organs of a human male, which one is the correct order?
Q3. In Male, the external genitalia consists of:
Q4. Concerning Female Reproductive tract, which statement is coned?
Q5. The end of fertility in a human female is:
Q6. Ovulation in initiated by:
Q7. Testes produce:
Q8. Ovulation occurs at day
Q9. The longest phase of menstrual cycle is:
Q10. Corpus Luteum produces:
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