12 August 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Reproduction] Online Test 1

Biology Mcqs XII [Reproduction] MCQS Online Test - 1

Biology Aptitude Test. 10 Questions from Chapter # 18 Reproduction
Q1. Asexual reproduction in plants, which produce seeds without that flowers being fertilized is called:
Q2. A group of genetically identical offspring produced by asexual method called:
Q3. If the two fusing gametes are different in size or shape and their fusion lead to formation of new, individual, then this is called:
Q4. Production of two different types of gametes, one is male and monk, other Is female non-motile having stored food material is called:
Q5. The unisexual flower are called:
Q6. The embryo and its food supply are enclosed by a _______.
Q7. The embryo of a grass seed is enclosed by a sheath consisting of a:
Q8. Kind of inflorescence in which flowers are sessile and unisexual is:
Q9. Inflorescence in which flowers have pedicels of unequal length is called:
Q10. Cymose inflorescence includes:
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