18 August 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Man and its Ecosystem] Online Test 4

Biology Mcqs XII [Man and its Ecosystem] MCQS Online Test - 4

Biology Aptitude Test. 10 Questions from Chapter # 27 Man and its Ecosystem
Q1. Deficiency of Iron causes:
Q2. Haemophilia is due to deficiency of a blood protein-factor ______.
Q3. Aging associated disease is:
Q4. Alzheimer’s disease is associated with:
Q5. Abnormal haemoglobin causes:
Q6. Anemia is due to the deficiency of Vitamin:
Q7. Influenza is transmited through:
Q8. “GOlTRE” is due to deficiency of:
Q9. The ocean covers ______% earth surface.
Q10. Soil ofgrassland contains large amount of:
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