21 July 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Nutrition] Online Test 5

Biology Mcqs XI [Nutrition] MCQS Online Test - 5

Biology Aptitude Test. 15 More Questions from Chapter # 12 Nutrition.
Q1. Duodenum passes into:
Q2. The basic propulsive movement of the gastro-intestinal trast as:
Q3. Biliruhin and Biliverdin are excretory products formed by the breakdown of hemoglobin of R.B.Cs in the:
Q4. The digestion of fat is completed in the
Q5. The final hydrolysis of disaccharides, tri and dipeptides occur in:
Q6. Amylase converts starch and glycogen into:
Q7. Finger-like microscopic projections on the inner wall of smell intestine are:
Q8. Villus wall is richly supplied with blood capillaries and lymph vessels called:
Q9. In digestive system of Cockroach, proctodeum Is:
Q10. Concerning, permanent teeth in man, which is the correct match?
Q11. Vermiform Appendix Is present in which region of Abdomen:
Q12. The longest part of large intestine is:
Q13. The largest organ of the body is:
Q14. Liver has _____ lobes:
Q15. The process of passing out of faces is;
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