2 June 2013

Physics Karachi Board XI [Work Power and Energy] Online Test 1

Physics XI Karachi Board [Work Power and Energy] MCQS Online Test - 1

Physics Aptitude Test. 22 Questions from Chapter 07 Work Power and Energy.
Q1. When force and displacement are in opposite direction then the work done is said to be
Q2. The work done in the gravitational field is independent of
Q3. The field in which work done along a closed path is zero is known as
Q4. The unit of energy is the same as those of
Q5. Kinetic and potential energies are
Q6. A body is dragged on a horizontal surface. Its potential energy
Q7. K w h is the unit of
Q8. The coal petroleum and natural gas are called
Q9. The work done by centripetal force is equal to
Q10. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity the KE of a body can be represented by the formula
Q11. The scalar product of force and displacement is called
Q12. If the force and displacement are at right angle to each other then the work done is
Q13. A force s exerted in lifting a 100 kg mass straight up to a height of 10m. The work done is
Q14. A body moves at a distance of 10m along horizontal by a force of 5 N. If the work done is 25J then the angle between them is
Q15. The work given to a machine is called
Q16. Work done against friction is the example of
Q17. The work done by the gravitational force around a closed path is
Q18. Which of the following is a conservative filed.
Q19. The scalar products of force and velocity is
Q20. Horse power (hp) is related with watt by the relation
Q21. In British engineering system the unit of power is
Q22. Your weight is 600N. You climb a hill of 10 meter high in 10 sec. You posses power of
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