4 June 2013

Physics Karachi Board XI [Nature of Light] Online Test 1

Physics XI Karachi Board [Nature of Light] MCQS Online Test - 1

Physics Aptitude Test. 18 Questions from Chapter 09 Nature of Light.
Q1. Which of the phenomenon produces the colour in soap film?
Q2. Electromagnetic wave theory was given by
Q3. Experimental demonstration of wave nature of light was provided by
Q4. Photoelectric effect is explained if light is considered to travel in the form of
Q5. Which of the following phenomenon cannot be explained on wave nature of light?
Q6. Which of the following phenomenon can not be explained on particle nature of light?
Q7. The wave nature of ugh proposed by
Q8. The locus of all points having the same phase of vibration is known as
Q9. A photon of light enters into a block of glass after traveling through a vacuum. The energy of the photon on entering the glass block
Q10. Modern view about nature of light is that light behaves as
Q11. The rest mass of photon is
Q12. The energy of a photon is directly proportional to
Q13. Which of the following demonstrates that light waves are transverse waves:
Q14. Huygens principle tells us that
Q15. The medium in which speed of light is the same in all directions is called:
Q16. A point source of light placed in homogenous medium produce a
Q17. The wave front formed at a very large distance from a light source is
Q18. Huygens principle is applied to
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