2 June 2013

Physics Karachi Board XI [Gravitation] Online Test 1

Physics XI Karachi Board [Gravitation] MCQS Online Test - 1

Physics Aptitude Test. 16 Questions from Chapter 06 Gravitation.
Q1. The sun exerts a forces of attraction on the planets for keeping them in their.
Q2. Which one of the following can be used to determine the mass of the earth
Q3. As we go below the surface of the earth the value of g
Q4. A person has a mass of 70kg over the surface of earth. His mass on the surface of moon will be
Q5. The gravitational force between the two bodies is
Q6. The value of gravitational constant was determined by
Q7. If the distance between two mass particles is halved, the gravitational force between them becomes
Q8. If the distance between two mass particles is doubled and their masses are also doubled, the gravitational force b/w them
Q9. As compared to the density of surface layer, the density of interior of earth is
Q10. Where the value of g is greater?
Q11. If we go away from the surface of the earth, a distance equal to the radius of the earth, the value of g will become
Q12. The value of g at the centre of the earth is
Q13. The short range force in nature is
Q14. The minimum velocity at which a body must be projected to go out form earth’s gravitational pull is called
Q15. At what depth below the earth surface the Value of g reduces to one half of its value on the earth’s surface
Q16. The average mass of the sun is
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