15 June 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [The Kingdom Protoctista] Online Test 1

Biology Mcqs XI [The Kingdom Protoctista] MCQS Online Test - 1

Biology Aptitude Test. 20 Questions from Chapter # 07 The Kingdom Protoctista.
Q1. The Protoctista includes two groups:
Q2. Chlorella and Ulva are:
Q3. Algae are:
Q4. Algae contains all of the following pigments except:
Q5. CHLORELLA, is an algae, which statement is correct regarding its structure?
Q6. Concerning ‘ULVA’ which statement is not correct?
Q7. Reproduction takes place in ULVA:
Q8. Euglena:
Q9. Flagellum helps to propel the body of Euglena in enveloped by a flexible pellicle made of:
Q10. Slime molds are.
Q11. Phyropthora infestans are water molds pathogenic organisms causing:
Q12. Trypanosoma is included in class:
Q13. Amoeboid locomotion is characteristic of class:
Q14. Dysentry is caused by;
Q15. Paramecium is included in class:
Q16. Rhizopoda is another name of class:
Q17. Mastigophora includes:
Q18. Micronucleus & macronucleus are present in classes:
Q19. “Body bearing a group of delicate cytoplasmic tentacles which are pointed to pierce their prey” is characteristic of class:
Q20. Sporozoans have:
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