23 June 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Kingdom Plantae] Online Test 2

Biology Mcqs XI [Kingdom Plantae] MCQS Online Test - 2

Biology Aptitude Test. 18 More Questions from Chapter # 09 Kingdom Plantae.
Q1. Drying of sex organs is prevented by special hair like structures called:
Q2. The most common Bryophytes are:
Q3. Marchantia belongs to _____ species:
Q4. Anthroceros fusiformis belongs to ______ species:
Q5. Rhynia, a vascular plant belongs to sub-division:
Q6. Which of the following is not a characteristic of Rhynia?
Q7. Selaginella is an example of:
Q8. Plants produce only one kind of spore, and hence have only one kind of gametophyte that bears both male and female organs, are said to be:
Q9. Selaginella shows:
Q10. Which one of the following is commonly called as “HORSE TAIL”?
Q11. True roots, stems and leaves are not present in sub-division:
Q12. Regarding Ferns, which statement is correct?
Q13. Gymnosperms have:
Q14. The large “PINUS TREE” is the:
Q15. The composite structure present in Pinus consisting of integument, sporangium and female gametophyte is called:
Q16. All the sepals of a flower together form the:
Q17. Petals together form the:
Q18. Male reproductive organ present in flower are;
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