7 May 2013

Physics Karachi Board XI [vectors] Online Test 2

Physics XI Karachi Board [vectors] MCQS Online Test - 2

Physics Aptitude Test. 21 Questions from Chapter 02 vectors.
Q1. Unit vector is used to specify
Q2. Vector A=Axi+Ay j lies in
Q3. The angle of a vector A= Ax I —Ay j with the x-axis will be in between
Q4. A vector having magnitude equal to given vector but in opposite direction is called
Q5. The magnitude of resultant of three components of a vector is 3. Its x-component is 2, y-components is 1 then its z-component will be
Q6. Which pair of the following forces will never give resultant force of 2N?
Q7. A vector making angle 63° with x - axis. Its ______ component will be longer
Q8. Two forces each of 10N magnitude acting on A body, if the forces are Inclined at 30° and 60° with x-axis, the x- component of their resultant is
Q9. If the vector A and B are of magnitude 4 and 3 cm making of 30° and 90° respectively with x-axis, their scalar product will be
Q10. If A = Ai and B = B j then A.B is equal to
Q11. If the dot product of two non-zero vectors vanishes, the vectors will be
Q12. The scalar product of two vectors is negative when
Q13. The dot product i. i = j. j = k .k is equal to
Q14. If the dot product of two non-zero vectors A and B is zero their cross product will be magnitude.
Q15. If F = 8 I – 2 j and r = 6 I + 8 k then F. r is
Q16. Scalar product of a vector A with itself is
Q17. If A and B are parallel then
Q18. The angle between the vector A 2i + 3j — k and B = 4i + 6j
Q19. The cross product of vector A with itself (A x A) is equal
Q20. The cross product k x j is equal to
Q21. If |A + B| = |A - B| the angle b/w the vectors is
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