14 September 2014

The Wise Caliph - Summary - English 10th

The Wise Caliph - Summary - English 10th

Summary from Chapter No 02 "The Wise Caliph" for class 10th, X, Matric Class

Caliph Haroon-ur-Rashid was famous for his justice and wisdom. Once a Qazi brought a case before him which he could not settle. Two men claimed ownership of a horse. One man was rich and the other was poor. The Caliph ordered both the men to touch the horse one by one. When the beggar touched the horse, it winced as if it did not like his touching. On the touch of the rich man, it neighed with pleasure. The Caliph declared his judgement that the horse belonged to the rich man. He forgave the beggar. The rich man also forgave him and gave him a handful of gold coins.

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