15 September 2014

Professions - Summary - English 10th

Professions - Summary - English 10th

Summary from Chapter No 03 "Professions" for class 10th, X, Matric Class


A teacher has a high regard because he fulfils God’s command to read. A good teacher is one who remains a student for ever. He has a thirst for knowledge. Before teaching others, he must gain knowledge first. He prefers the welfare and progress of his students to his own interests, He practices himself what he preaches.


Fishing is an important profession. In Pakistan both marine and fresh water fishing are done. Fresh water fishes are small and tasty. The government is modernizing the fishing industry in Pakistan. Fishermen are given loan to buy bigger boats and better nets: The byproducts of fish are glue, manure and liver oil. However, water pollution is causing great damage to aquatic life especially to fishes.

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