25 September 2014

How To Do Things - Summary - English 10th

How To Do Things - Summary - English 10th

Summary from Chapter No 21 "How To Do Things" for class 10th, X, Matric Class


Shahnaz made arrangements for her birthday party along with her friend Qaisra. They made most of the food items at home. Shahnaz’s father brought the birthday cake. They also arranged some entertaining games for the party. Shahnaz put on a beautiful dress. It was a wonderful party. Shahnaz enjoyed the party along with her guests.


Riding a bicycle is a joy however, this joy vanishes when there is a puncture. The kit for mending a puncture is a solution to the problem. You inflate the punctured tube, put it in water, mark the punctured part and start rubbing it with a sandpaper. You cut a small piece of rubber from the old tube and rub it with a sandpaper. Then you put a sticking solution to the tube and the rubber piece and press them together. The puncture is mended.

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