2 July 2014

The Guddu Barrage - Chapter Summary - English IX

The Guddu Barrage - Chapter Summary - English IX

Chapter Summary from "The Guddu Barrage" for class 9th, IX, Ninth Class

There are two main problems connected with the rivers. One is how to get water from them all the year round and the other is how to escape from their floods. The answer to them is a barrage. A barrage is a kind of wall constructed across the river which has gates. A barrage stores water and controls floods. The Guddu Barrage is built over the river Indus. It is 1355 m long. It allows a flood of 1.2 million cusecs to pass through it.(adamjeecoaching.blogspot.com) It has reduced the road distance between Lahore and Quetta. The distance between Rahim Yar Khan and Kashmore has almost been halved.lt has three main feeder canals.lt irrigates an area of 2.7 million acres mostly in Sindh.

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