26 June 2014

The Miller of The Dee - Chapter Summary - English IX

The Miller of The Dee - Chapter Summary - English IX

Chapter Summary from "The Miller of The Dee" for class 9th, IX, Ninth Class

Charles Mackay tells the story of a miller in his poem "The Miller of the Dee". He used to work from morning to night. He kept singing a song while working. The theme of the song was he envied nobody and nobody envied him. A king happened to pass from there one day. He said that he was wrong because he envied him. The king was sad while the miller was happy. He asked the miller why he was happy. The miller replied that he earned his bread with his hands and spent the money on his family. He led a contented life and owed nothing to anyone.(adamjeecoaching.blogspot.com) The king said that his mealy cap was worth his crown and his mill was worth his kingdom. He also said that such men like him were England’s pride.

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