22 June 2014

The Great War Hero - Chapter Summary - English IX

The Great War Hero - Chapter Summary - English IX

Chapter Summary from "The Great War Hero" for class 9th, IX, Ninth Class

Major Aziz Bhatti was a great war hero of 1965 war with India. He fought on the Lahore front bravely. The enemy was fully armed Maj. Aziz Bhatti not only stopped the enemy but pushed them back with his small company. He fought continuously for six days and nights without rest. A day before his martyrdom, his commanding officer had asked him to take some rest. Maj. Aziz Bhatti was determined to shed the last drop of his blood in the defence of his mother hand. He laid down his life for Pakistan. He was awarded Nishan-e-Haider for his valour.(adamjeecoaching.blogspot.com) Maj. Aziz Bhatti showed the true spirit of a Muslim soldier and his love for his country.

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