21 July 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Transport] Online Test 3

Biology Mcqs XI [Transport] MCQS Online Test - 3

Biology Aptitude Test. 15 More Questions from Chapter # 14 Transport.
Q1. A malignant disorder of the haemopoietic tissues, associated with increased number of leucocytes in the blood is:
Q2. White Blood Cells present in high percentage in our body are:
Q3. An inherited impairment of hemoglobin production is:
Q4. Human heart consists of chambers.
Q5. Right and left ventricles are separated by a thick muscular:
Q6. The volume of blood pumped per minute by the left ventricle into the systemic circuit is called:
Q7. First heart sound “LUB” is produced due :
Q8. The second heart sound DUP is produced due to:
Q9. A normal human heart beats times per minute at rest:
Q10. A defect in one or more of the valves causes a condition known as:
Q11. The stimulus for contractions of the heart originates in a specific region of the rtatrium:
Q12. _______ is known as pace maker of the heart.
Q13. Bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membrane due to excessive concentration of hemoglobin in the blood is:
Q14. Concerning arteries, which statement is not correct?
Q15. Concerning veins, which statement is no correct?
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