21 July 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Transport] Online Test 4

Biology Mcqs XI [Transport] MCQS Online Test - 4

Biology Aptitude Test. 16 More Questions from Chapter # 14 Transport.
Q1. The exchange of material take place through.
Q2. Instrument used for measuring the ‘Blood Pressure” is:
Q3. The Blood pressure in a normal healthy man is mm og Hg:
Q4. The difference between systolic and diastolic pressure is called:
Q5. Colourless body fluid, that contains agranular W.B.Cs, small proteins an fats is:
Q6. The most common cause of lymphatic obstruction is:
Q7. The narrowing of arterial all due to the formation of fatty lesions is called
Q8. Which is not the possible cause of Atherosclerosis?
Q9. A mean arterial pressure of _______ under resting conditions is said to be hypertensive.
Q10. The formation of blood clot within an intact blood vessel is:
Q11. Myocardial infarction is:
Q12. Damage to part of the brain caused by interruption to its’ blood supply (either by a thrombus or embolus) is:
Q13. First line of defense against micro-organisms is
Q14. Second line of defense against microbes is:
Q15. Third line of defense against micro-organisms is:
Q16. Concerning Immunity, which statement is incorrect
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