5 July 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Kingdom Animalia] Online Test 5

Biology Mcqs XI [Kingdom Animalia] MCQS Online Test - 5

Biology Aptitude Test. 21 More Questions from Chapter # 10 Kingdom Animalia.
Q1. Class Chondrichthyes includes:
Q2. Class Osteichthyes includes:
Q3. Which of the following Is not a Bony Fish:
Q4. The only group of vertebrates which lacks any sort of exoskeleton is:
Q5. In hot summers, the amphibians avoid extremes of temperature by a process called:
Q6. In winter, amphibians burry themselves in the mud to avoid low temperature, the process is called:
Q7. "Anamniota" include vertebrates:
Q8. Limbless reptiles are.
Q9. Study of Birds is:
Q10. Sab-class Ratitae includes:
Q11. All are features of class Aves except:
Q12. All are the features of Class Reptilia except:
Q13. Sub-class of Mammals that considered to be a connecting link between reptiles and true mammals is:
Q14. Sub-class metatheria Includes:
Q15. Transverse partition that divides the body cavity of mammals into a thoracic and abdominal compartment is:
Q16. Bat is:
Q17. Kangaroo is:
Q18. Teeth in mammals are:
Q19. Sound producing organ in birds is:
Q20. Which one of these is a fish?
Q21. Skin in amphibia is:
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