5 July 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Kingdom Animalia] Online Test 1

Biology Mcqs XI [Kingdom Animalia] MCQS Online Test - 1

Biology Aptitude Test. 21 Questions from Chapter # 10 Kingdom Animalia.
Q1. A True animal is:
Q2. The Kingdom Animalia is divided into ______ phylua:
Q3. Which is the correct sequence of mitotic division In the development of an animal:
Q4. Sub-Kingdom “Parazoa” includes phylum:
Q5. All phylua are included in Sub-Kingdom Eumeazoa except:
Q6. Only two layers ectoderm and endoderm develop in:
Q7. All the organisms are Triptoblastic except:
Q8. Platyhelmenthes are included in group:
Q9. Nematodes are included in group:
Q10. Concerning Phylum Porifera, incurrent pores through which water enters are called:
Q11. Sponges, excurrent pores through which water leaves the body are called:
Q12. In sponges, contractile flattened cells forming the epidermis are called:
Q13. In sponges, flagellated cells lining the inner hollow cavity are:
Q14. Spongocoel divided into secondary chambers is of:
Q15. Spongocoel divided and redivided into secondary and tertiary chambers is of:
Q16. In sponges amoebocytes are gelatinous mesenchymal cells present between:
Q17. In sponges, the fertilized egg develops into free swimming larva called:
Q18. Asexual reproduction takes place by:
Q19. Phylum porifera is commonly called as:
Q20. “Coelenterons” means:
Q21. Sycon and Euptectella are common examples of Phylum:
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