30 May 2013

Physics Karachi Board XI [Motion In One Dimension] Online Test 3

Physics XI Karachi Board [Motion In One Dimension] MCQS Online Test - 3

Physics Aptitude Test. 16 More Questions from Chapter 03 Motion In One Dimension .
Q1.A force which always opposes the motion of a body is called
Q2. Stoke’s law is applicable to
Q3. The acceleration of a spherical ball on a smooth inclined plane is maximum when the angle of inclination to the horizontal is
Q4. When a force of 4 N act on a mass of 2 kg for a time of 2 s, what is the rate of change of momentum?
Q5. A force of 20 N acts on a body of mass 100 g. The acceleration produced in the body is
Q6. If a body is at rest it may have
Q7. The rate of decrease In velocity is called
Q8. A body is thrown upward with initial velocity 9.B m/sec. It will go
Q9. It is easier to draw up a block along an inclined plane then to pick it up vertically because
Q10. Passengers should not stand in a moving bus Because
Q11. Force is a
Q12. If the force acting on a body is doubled then the acceleration becomes
Q13. The product of force and the time is called
Q14. Impulse can be defined as
Q15. The coefficient of friction depends upon
Q16. The bullet fired from a gun has velocity which is
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