26 May 2013

Physics Karachi Board XI [Motion In One Dimension] Online Test 1

Physics XI Karachi Board [Motion In One Dimension] MCQS Online Test - 1

Physics Aptitude Test. 20 Questions from Chapter 03 Motion In One Dimension .
Q1.Displacement is _________________
Q2. In the displacement time graph if the slope or gradient of the tangent increases.
Q3. The force which produces an acceleration of 1m/sec2 in a body of mass 1 Kg is equal to
Q4. The value of μk is
Q5. When a space ship is out of the pull of the earth
Q6. The force of friction on a car wheel on a road of mass “m” is
Q7. A body whose speed is constant
Q8. Average velocity is the rate of change of
Q9. Motion along a line is called
Q10. The mass of an object is a quantitative measure of it’s
Q11. A stone has a mass of 40 grams, It weight is
Q12. An object whose mass is 100 gm starts from rest and moves with constant acceleration of 20 cm / sec2 at the end of 8 sec its momentum is in gm .cm / s.ec
Q13. The force which will accelerate a 10 Kg mass at 98 cm / sec2 on a smooth horizontal plane is
Q14. A String passes over a smooth pulley and carries a 2 Kg mass at one end and 3 Kg mass at the other. What is the acceleration of the masses?
Q15. What is the tension in the string in above case.
Q16. If the rate of change of momentum with respect to time is zero then.
Q17. When a falling object reaches a speed where the force of air resistance is equal to its weight it
Q18. The bullet fired from a gun has momentum, which is
Q19. If the values of instantaneous and average velocities are equal, the body is said to be moving with
Q20. Acceleration of bodies of different masses allowed to fall freely is
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