24 June 2016

ECAT English [Reading Comprehension] Online Mcqs for Engineering College Entry Test

ECAT English (Reading Comprehension) for Engineering College Aptitude Test Preparation

Engineering College Entry Test (ECAT) Online Preparation from Topic "Reading Comprehension" (03 Passages along with Questions)

Passage #1

Take two tablets with water followed by one tablet every eight hours, as required. For maximum nighttime and early morning relief, take two tablets at bedtime. Do not exceed six tablets in twenty-four hours. For children six to twelve years old, give half the adult dosage. For children under six years old, consult your physician. Reduce dosage if nervousness. Restlessness or sleeplessness occurs.

Passage #2

Precipitation, commonly referred to as rainfall, is a measure of the quantity of water in the form of either rain, hail, or snow which reaches the ground. The average annual precipitation over the whole of the United States is thirty-six inches. It should be understood however, that a foot of snow is not equal to a foot of precipitation. A general formula for computing the precipitation of snowfall is that thirty-eight inches of snow is equal to one inch of precipitation. In New York State, for example, seventy-six inches of snow in one year would be recorded as only two inches of precipitation, forty inches of rain would be recorded as forty inches of precipitation, the total annual precipitation would be recorded as forty-two inches.

Passage #3

The population of the world has increased more in modern times than in all other ages of history combined. World population totaled about 500 million in 1650. It doubled in the period from 1650-1850. Today the population is more than three billion. Estimates based on research by the United Nations indicate that it will more than double in the next twenty-five years, reaching seven billion by the year 2000.

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