19 July 2014

MCAT English - [Reading Comprehension] Online Mcqs for Medical Entry Test - Part IV

MCAT English (Reading Comprehension) for Medical College Aptitude Test Preparation (Part IV)

Medical College Entry Test (MCAT) Online Preparation from Topic "Reading Comprehension" (03 Passages and 10 Questions)

Passage #1

Lew Archer, the detective hero created by Rose Mc Donald in "The Moving Target" (1949), is more literary in the tastes than Mike Hammer, and so more apt to muse on fate and the past than to create a political philosophy out of the individualist fantasies of the present. In part Archer owes his special sensitivity to the fact that his creator placed him in the hastily thrown up world of California and the west coast rather than in the grimy eastern cities of Spillane and Hammer. Attuned to history as much as to action, Archer is more fascinated by past patterns of relationships that erupt into the present than by the immediacies of violence and personal confrontation. Like other American naturalists, both Archer and Hammer pride themselves on their ability to be known in all the parts of town and country. But Mc Donald explores what Spillane essentially disregards the intricacies of family and the gradation of social class. Spillace’s hero seems to spring from Hammer and Hemingway, while Mac Donald's Archer owes his linkage to Chandler and Faulkner.

Passage #2

There are various ways in which individual econ6inicunitscan interact with one another. Three basic ways are as the market system, the administered system and the traditional system.

In a market system, individual economic units are free to interact among each other in the market place. It is possible to buy commodities icons other economic units or self commodities in a market. Transactions may take place via barter or money exchange in a barter economy Real goods such as automobiles, shoes and pizzas are traded against each other Obviously finding somebody who wants to trade my old car in exchange for a sailboat may not always be an easy task. Hence the introduction of money as a medium of exchange eases the transaction considerably. In the modern market economy, goods and services are bought or sold for money.

Passage #3

Beavers, North America's largest rodents, appear to lead such exemplary lives that a trapper once rather romantically observed that "beavers follow close to the line .of the Ten Commandments." The Ten Commandments do not mention anything about building dams, lodges, and canals, however, and the beaver's penchant for doing so has got it into a lot of hot water lately.

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