1 May 2014

A Walk by the River Side - English Essay

A Walk by the River Side

English Essay on "A Walk by the River Side"

Points: Introduction – The peaceful effect of a walk by the river side in the evening – Description of the walk – Beauty of sunset – Conclusion.
After a hard day's work, nothing is more refreshing than a quiet walk along the bank of the river. While walking is good for our bodies, the sight of the river seems to have a peculiarly peaceful effect upon our minds. Every sight and sound inspires a spirit of rest and peacefulness.
What a delightful time I had on the river ! Walking along the bank of the river I enjoyed the rippling surface of the water, the fish playing here and there, and the birds singing their delightful notes in the trees. I saw a herd of buffaloes swimming across the river. How delightful it was to see the herdsman, and a small boy of about twelve years of age, sitting on the last buffalo like a king and singing a song ! It charmed me beyond measure. The lovely bushes growing all round, the tall trees waving their branches, and the boats sailing smoothly on the surface of the river filled me with deep joy.adamjeecoaching.blogspot.com
What a relief it was to escape from the noise and bustle of the city, the smoke of the factories, the hooting of motor cars, the shouts of hawkers and the cries and shouts of men and women. Here nature was quiet.
I enjoyed especially the beauty of sunset over the river. The spectacle presented by the setting sun as it sinks beneath the surface of the river, is one of the greatest charms of an evening walk by the riverside. The clouds in the western horizon are lit up with a thousand brilliant colours. But even in a cloudless sky, when the broad sun is sinking down, the spectacle presented to the eye is full of majesty and calm beauty. For some time after the sun has set, the sky is filled with thousands of delicate tints which charm the eye and please the heart. Then the stars begin to appear and day finally gives place to night.
I returned full of impressions, rich and vivid, gathered during my walk by the riverside. I realized how glorious were the beauties of nature and how rich her delights.

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