25 May 2014

The Emergence of Pakistan, 1906 to 1947

The Emergence of Pakistan, 1906 to 1947

General Knowledge - Pakistan Studies (History & Culture) Question Answers - "The Emergence of Pakistan, 1906 to 1947"

Facts about Pakistan - Pakistan Studies (History & Culture) Short Question Answers

1.Who concerned the meeting of the Muslim leaders at the Muslim Educational Conference of 1906?Nawab Vaqar-Ul-Mulk
2.Name the extremist Hindu organization formed in the early years of the twentieth century?
3.Name the secretary of State of India in 1917?Lord Mortague
4.Name the system of government introduced in 1919?Diarchy
5.Who succeeded Lord Linlithgow as Viceroy of India in 1943?Lord Wavell
6.In which city were the Gandhi - Jinnah talks of 1944 held?Bombay
7.Who Jed the Congress Party at the time of the Simla Declaration of 1906?Sir Pheroze Shah Mehta
8.In which year was the Indian Councils Act passed?1909
9.What organization did M.A Jinnah join in 1913?Muslim League
10.Name the park in Amritsar where a demonstration by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs was held in 1919.Jallianwala Bagh
11.Who called the Cripps Mission 'a post-dated cheque on a failing bank'?Gandhi
12.Who was Viceroy of India at the time of the Shimla Conference of 1945?Wavell
13.Who led the Unionist Party in Punjab in the elections of 1945-46?Khizar Hyat
14.Which division of Bengal was merged with Dhaka, Chittagong and Myemsingh to form East Bengal in 1905?Assam
15.For which event did Muslim delegates meet in Dhaka in 1906?Mohammadan Educational Conference
16.Name the king who announced the reversal of the partition of Bengal in 1911.George V
17.Who suggested that the capital of the British Indian Empire be moved to Calcutta?Sir John Jenkins
18.Who represented Muslims at the Third Round Table Conference in 1932?Aga Khan
19.Who became President of the Muslim League in 1934?Jinnah
20.Who launched the 'Basic Education' scheme between 1937 and 1939?Gandhi
21.Who was Prime Minister of Bengal in 1940?Fazl-ul-Haq
22.Who was appointed Chairman of the Boundary Commission?Radcliffe
23.With which province were Assam, Dhaka and Chittagong merged to from East Bengal in 1905?Myemsingh
24.In which city did the Muslim League have their annual meeting in 1915?Bombay
25.Who led the Congress party at the Lucknow Conference in 1916?Ambeaka Charan Mahajan
26.In Which city was a peaceful demonstration held in jallianwala Bagh Park in 1919?Amristan
27.Who persuaded Muhammad Al Jinnah to return to the Muslim cause in 1934?Liaquat Ali Khan
28.In the elections of 1937 who led the ‘Redshirts’ to victory in the NWFP?Dr Khan Sahib
29.What other name was given to the ‘Basic Education’ scheme launched by Gandhi?Wardha Scheme
30.What was built on the spot in Lahore where the Muslim League Meeting passed the Pakistan Resolution in 1940?Minar (Monument)
31.In which year was the first Khilafat Conference held?1919
32.Who chaired the committee set up by the All Parties Conference in 1928 to look at a future Indian constitution?Motlal Nehru
33.Who was Secretary of State for India in 1928?Lord Birkenhead
34.Who was the Viceroy of India in 1930?Lord Irwin
35.In which year was the second Round Table conference held?1931
36.Who said that 'Hindustan was for Hindus' in 1937?Jinnah
37.What was celebrated on 22 December 1939?Day of Deliverance
38.What is a 'tehsil'?Sub-district of a province
39.What was the state capital of Kashmir in 1947?Srinagar
40.In which year was the Delhi Durbar held?1911
41.Which British govemment report first mentioned the possibility of self-rule by the Indians?Montague-Chelmsford Report
42.What name was given to the structure under which the Central Legislature was to be divided into two houses in the Montague-Chelmsford Report of 1919?Bicameral structure
43.Who fought the 1923 elections under the name of 'Swarajists'?Congress Party
44.Under the 'Basic Education' scheme introduced by Ghandi, what craft was made part of the school curriculum?Spinning cotton (by hand)
45.Who said that East Bengal without Calcutta would be a 'man without lungs' the Cabinet Mission's visit to India in 1946?Jinnah
46.Who succeeded Lord Minto as Viceroy of India in 1910?Lord Hardinge
47.Who led the Congress party at the Lucknow Pact meeting in 1916?Ambeka Charan
48.How many people were killed at the Jallanwala Bagh Massacre in 1919?400
49.Which Muslim member of the committee responsible for the 1928 Nehru Report Officially disagreed with its findings?Shoaib Qureshi
50.In which year was the Second Round Table Conference held?1931
51.Who wrote the pamphlet ‘Now or Never’ In 1933?Chaudhri Rehmat Ali
52.What did Gandhi Call the Cripps Plan in 1942?A post-dated cheque (on a failing bank)
53.What was 16 August 1946 known as?Direct Action Day
54.Who led the Unionist Party in the Punjab in 1947?Khizar Hyat Tiwana
55.Name the Enquiry which was set up to investigate the Amritsar Massacre of 1919?Hunter Committee
56.Which city on the sub-continent did the Prince of Wales visit in 1921?Bombay
57.Name the Khalifa who was exiled by Kemal Attaturk in 1924?Muhammad VI/Mehmet VI
58.Which political party in the sub-continent contested its first election in 1926?Hindu Mahasabha
59.Who put forward the proposal which led to the 'Lahore Resolution' in 1940?Maulvi Fazl-ul-Haq
60.Name the Secretary of State for India in 1946Lord Pethick-Lawrence
61.What was the population of Western Bengal in 1905?54 million
62.In which city did the Muhammadan Educational Conference meet in 1906?Dhaka
63.Give the name of one of the two brothers who were imprisoned by the British in 1919?Maulana Shaukat Ali or Maulana Muhammed Ali Jauhar
64.In which city was the second Khilafat Conference held in 1919?Amritsar
65.Who founded the political party called the Hindu Mahasabha in 1923?Pandit Mohan/Malaviya
66.Who wrote the pamphlet 'Now or Never' in 1933?Chaudri Rehmat Ali
67.Who was Viceroy of India in 1939?Lord Linlithgow
68.Name the Act of Parliament passed on 15 July 1947Indian Independence Act
69.Which organization declared in 1913 that its aim was “a form of self-government suitable for India”?Muslim League

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