13 May 2014

Important Pre-Independence Events

Important Pre-Independence Events

General Knowledge - "Important Pre-Independence Events - Fact About Pakistan"

1.1857War of Independence
2.1876Nirth of Quaid-e-Azam
3.1885Estd. Of Indian National Congress
4.1905-11Partition of Bengal
5.1906Estd. Of All India Muslim League
6.1916Lucknow Pact
7.1919-24Khilafat Movement
8.1928Nehru Report
9.1929Quaid’s 14 points
10.1930Iqbal’s Allahabad address
11.1930-33Round Table conferences
12.1935Govt. of India Act
13.1940Lahore Resolution
14.1942Crips Mission
15.1945Provincial & General Election
16.1946Cabinet Mission
17.19473rd June Plan
18.1947Creation of Pakistan and India

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