19 May 2014

Cultural and historical background to the Pakistan Movement

Cultural and historical background to the Pakistan Movement

General Knowledge - "Cultural and historical background to the Pakistan Movement - Fact About Pakistan"

1.Who wrote Hallatullah-ul-Balighah?Shah Wali ullah
2.What name is given to a holy war?jihad
3.In which year was Hajji Shariat Ullah born?1781
4.Against whom did Syed Ahmed Shaheed Baralivinght at Akora in 1826?Sikhs
5.In which year was Shah Wali Ullah born?1703
6.In which year did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Write his work Athar-Ul-Sanadeed?1946
7.With which group of people did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan argue regarding the acceptance of western science within the Islamic faith?Uema
8.Who wrote the text “Fatwa-e-Alamgiri”?Shah Abdul Rahim
9.Who captured Peshawar in 1830?Syed Ahmed Barelvi
10.Who led a group of followers in the nineteenth century called Faraizis?Haji Shariat Ullah
11.Which body did the Mohammedan Defence Association replace in 1893?Patriotic Alliance
12.In which year did Ranjit Singh die?1839
13.Who captured Gwalior from the British in 1857?Rani of Jhansi
14.In which year was Persian replaced by English as the official language in the subcontinent?1863
15.What was introduced by the British in 1852?Doctrine of Lapse
16.What was the name of the last Mughal Emperor who died in Burma in 1862?Bahadur Shah
17.What was the name of the magazine written by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, through which his reforms were promoted?Tahdib-ul-Aklaq
18.Which militant Muslim leader in Bengal was known as Titu Mir?Mir Mithar Ali
19.Where did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan found a Scientific Society in 1863?Ghazipore
20.What title did Queen Victoria take in 1877?Empress of India
21.Name the battle fought in the Sub-Continent in 1764.Buxar
22.Which Mughal prince succeeded Aurangzeb and took the title ‘Bahadur Shah'?Muazzum 1
23.In which year was Lahore captured by the Persians?1739
24.What Association was formed in 1893?Mohammadan Anglo-Oriental Defence Association of Upper India (MAO)
25.In which town was the twentieth session of the Mohammedan Educational Conference held?Dhaka
26.In which year did Shah Wali Ullah return to Delhi from his pilgrimage to Arabia?1732
27.Who led the Pathan military force that Syed Ahmad Shaheed Barailvi joined following his graduation from the Madrassa in Delhi?Amir Khan
28.Who wrote Athar-ul-Sanadeed in 1846?Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
29.To where was Bahadur Shah II exiled in 1857?Rangoon (Burma)
30.In which script was Hindi written that was proposed by the Hindus to replace Urdu in the 1860s?Devanangari script
31.Who refused to attend the first meeting of the Indian National Congress in 1885?Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
32.Where did Aurangzeb fight a long series of wars against the Marathas?Deccan peninsula
33.Who succeeded Aurangzeb in 1712 at the age of 63?Bahadur Shah / Muazzum
34.When did Queen Elizabeth I grnat the charter to the East India company?1600
35.In which town did the Indian troops rise up against the British in 1857?Meerut
36.With whom did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan discuss the 'Two Nation Theory' in 1867?Governor of Benares
37.Give the name of the Nawab of Bengal, whose troops were defeated at the battle of Plassey in 1757?Siraj-ud-Daulah
38.Who became the first Governor-General of India in 1782?Warren Hastings
39.Give the name of Shah Abdul Rahim's son?Shah Wali Ullah
40.In which year was the battle of Balakot?1831
41.In which city was Sir Syed Ahmad Khan born?Delhi
42.What did the United Patriotic Alliance become known as in 1893?Mohammaden Defence Association/Alliance
43.Which regional language did the journal Ta'alim Alkhashaf-o-Tauheed promote during the nineteenth century?Sindhi
44.Who went to war with the East India Company in 1686?Aurangzeb
45.Which Act of Parliament passed in 1833 said that Indians could be part of the Civil Service?Charter Act
46.Who annexed Sindh following the attack on the British Residency in 1843?Sir Charles Napier
47.Name the sepoy whose actions led to his execution in March 1857?Mangal Pandey
48.Name the city where Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India' in 1877?Delhi
49.State the Act of Parliament passed in 1878 that placed strict controls on Indian newspapers.Vernacular Act
50.What does the expression 'dar-ul-harb' mean?Enemy territory/Land of war/area not under Muslim contr
51.Who led the first major invasion of the Mughal Empire from Persia in 1738?Nadir Shah

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