9 April 2014

English Essay - The Television

The Television

English Essay on "The Television"

Points: Introduction – A short history – Its importance – Its functions – Conclusion. The television is one of the wonders of science. It has not only killed distances like radio, but it also shows us the pictures of the person who speak. For this double advantage it has become very popular all over the world.
The idea of the television first came into the mind of a German scientist, Paul Nepkow. He explained how a picture could be broken up into small elements of light and shade. On this basis experiments were carried and the television came into being.
Like the radio the television has killed distances. It has brought the nations of the world closer together as if they were next door neighbors. It not only gives us the news we want, but also serves us all about it. This is done in the twinkling of an eye. It is for this reason that the television has become so popular within so short a time of its invention. adamjeecoaching.blogspot.com
The television is the most up-to-date means of spreading thoughts and ideas. It is a means of pictorial communication and does the work both of the radio and photography. It caters to the needs and tastes of all kinds of men. Like the radio, it broadcasts news, music, weather and market reports, speeches, comments, interviews of important persons, dramas and a variety of other things. We not only hear these as we-do from the radio, but we also see the men and women who speak. In the case of the radio, the speakers are left to our imagination. But in the case of the television, everything is clear. It is just like seeing something happening before our eyes.
Television has also done a great service in the field of education and research. Students may see the performances of difficult experiments on the television screen. There are special T.V. programmes for children.
Although television has given us all these advantages and facilities, we should also be aware of the evils that it is spreading. Even today some government use it for false propaganda, and so do some businessmen for introducing their bogus products. T.V. may also make the people corrupt by a display of immoral pictures. We should be alive to meet all these dangers.

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