22 April 2014

English Essay - A Morning Walk and the Sunrise

A Morning Walk and the Sunrise

English Essay on "A Morning Walk and the Sunrise"

Points: Introduced – The pleasing sights of the sunrise – The pleasures and advantages of a morning walk -People that meet us in the morning -Conclusion.
The sunrise is one of the most beautiful sights of Nature. Its praises have been sung by many poets who have all associated it with peace and joy. At this time everything appears to be beautiful. The rising sun illumines the mountain-tops, the trees, the temples, the mosques, the buildings of a big city. The eastern sky is flooded with a gentle and rosy colour, and everything appears to be bright and golden. Very often a gentle breeze blows at this time, which is very fresh and health-giving. It blows over vast plains and treetops, and even creeps into dark houses in crowded lanes.adamjeecoaching.blogspot.com
A walk at this time is very beneficial. It is not only good for one's health, but also for one's mind. The fresh air which one breathes into one's lungs makes one healthy and happy. It also purges one's mind of all sorrows, bitterness and unhappiness. It gives one a new energy to do one's work. At this time even the most melancholy and depressed man feels cheerful and optimistic.
Besides this good effect on one's body and soul, a morning walk has much good effect on one's mind. It clears our head, and makes us think new thoughts. Sometimes the solution of outmost difficult problems comes to us at this time. A great mathematician used to say: "When I can't solve a problem I take it with me for a walk in the morning. In nine cases out of ten I always succeed in solving it." This is not only true of mathematicians but also of poets, philosophers, and others. Some of their finest thoughts come to them at this time.
At the same time, the sunrise makes us see many fine sights. On the roadside the trees look fresh and beautiful. Flowers bloom in gardens and the air is laden with their perfume. One also hears the songs of birds at this-time. The sparrow chirps from one branch of the tree and the lark sings high up in the sky.
But in addition to these objects of nature, one sees many other sights. One sees the farmer going to the field with his team of oxen, with the bells tinkling around their necks. Everywhere one finds people very serious about their work. Shoo-keepers open their shops and fishermen go to the river for catching fish. At this time of the day the muezzin in the mosque calls the faithful to prayer. The devotees go to their places of worship and pray to God. Even a bath at this time is thought to be good for health. So many people go to wells and tanks to have a bath.
Thus the sunrise is beautiful on account of its fine sights and sounds, and healthful effect on both body and mind.

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