1 September 2013

Chemistry Mcqs XII [300 MCQS All Chapters] Online Test 21

XII Chemistry Online Mcqs - All Chapters - Online Mcqs Test - 21

Chemistry Online Mcqs Test for class 12, Second Year, According to Karachi Board 300 Online Multiple Choice Questions
Q1. The general formula of alkyl halides is
Q2. Alkyl halides on treatment with KOH give
Q3. The Markowinkoff Rule is used for
Q4. The free radicals are species of organic ions that have
Q5. Alkyl halides can be prepared by treating halogen acids with
Q6. The reaction of alcohol with SOCI2 in the presence of pyridine as catalyst gives
Q7. AIkyl halides on treatment with Grignard’s reagent give
Q8. AIkyl magnesium halides are known as
Q9. Hydrolysis of Grignard’s reagent yields
Q10. Grignard’s reagent on treatment with dry Co2 and HCI yields
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