31 August 2013

Chemistry Mcqs XII [300 MCQS All Chapters] Online Test 7

XII Chemistry Online Mcqs - All Chapters - Online Mcqs Test - 7

Chemistry Online Mcqs Test for class 12, Second Year, According to Karachi Board 300 Online Multiple Choice Questions
Q1. Backing powder has which one of the following formula?
Q2. The chemical formula of gypsum is
Q3. The commonly used name for sodium hydroxide is
Q4. Sodium hydroxide is heated with silver nitrate, the product will be
Q5. If chlorine is bubbled through cold solution of calcium hydroxide, the product will be
Q6. Nelson’s cell is used for the manufacture of
Q7. Castner - Kellner process is used for the production of _________ on industrial scale
Q8. The chemical formula of bleaching powder is
Q9. The bleaching action of bleaching powder is due to the formation of
Q10. White vitriol has the formula
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