17 August 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Ecosystem] Online Test 1

Biology Mcqs XII [Ecosystem] MCQS Online Test - 1

Biology Aptitude Test. 10 Questions from Chapter # 25 Ecosystem
Q1. The scientific study of various relationships of living things to each other and with their environment is called:
Q2. The ecology is usually referred as:
Q3. The group of similar individuals that live together in the same area at the same time from a:
Q4. All populations living in a particular area form:
Q5. Regarding ecological levels of organization, which statement is correct?
Q6. A collective term for all conditions in which an organism lives is:
Q7. The type of environment in which a particular organism or population lives, is its:
Q8. The biogeographical regions are further differentiated on the basis of complex interaction of climate and biotic factors into large easily recognizable community units called:
Q9. Study of Population Approach of Individual Species is:
Q10. The study of different communities, their relation between them and their environment is called:
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