11 August 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Co-Ordination And Control] Online Test 3

Biology Mcqs XII [Co-Ordination And Control] MCQS Online Test - 3

Biology Aptitude Test. 10 Questions from Chapter # 17 Co-Ordination And Control
Q1. Automatic, involuntary responses which occur either due to internal or external stimuli are:
Q2. In Hydra, the nervous system consists of:
Q3. The largest and most complex part of human brain is:
Q4. The activity of two cerebral hemispheres is co-ordinated by:
Q5. The diencephalons consists of:
Q6. Part of the brain important in regulation of homeostasis is:
Q7. The hippocampus is involved in:
Q8. Breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, coughing, swallowing are all under the control of:
Q9. The brain-stem consists of:
Q10. Peripheral Nervous System consists of _______ pairs of Spinal nerves.
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