17 August 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Cell Cycle] Online Test 2

Biology Mcqs XII [Cell Cycle] MCQS Online Test - 2

Biology Aptitude Test. 10 Questions from Chapter # 21 Cell Cycle
Q1. In the amitotic cell division, when the nuclear portions divide more than two in number, the phenomenon is referred to as:
Q2. In the amitotic cell division, when the nuclear portions are unequal in size, the process is generally called:
Q3. Programmed cell death in which the cell responds to certain signals by initiating a normal response that leads to cell death is:
Q4. Death of living cells that result from ischemic tissue injury is called:
Q5. Correct sequence of stages of mitosis:
Q6. Cell carry out self destruction in the absence of survival signals is:
Q7. The nuclear envelop breakdown and a network of microtubules forms between opposite poles of the cell during:
Q8. Short fibers of mitotic apparatus radiating from the centrioles only at poles ar called:
Q9. Spindle fibres running from pole to pole are called:
Q10. Chromosomes arrange themselves at the equatorial plane of the spindle during:
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