20 July 2013

English Essay - Keep The Quaid's City Clean

English Essay [Keep The Quaid's City Clean]

English Essay on Keep The Quaid's City Clean 200 to 300 Words

Keep The Quaid's City Clean

Points: Introduction - Karachi was called the queen of Sind Keep the Quaid's city clean campaign - Conclusion.
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness" is a famous proverb. Cleanliness is, indeed, a great virtue. The eassy in question indicates the city of Karachi. Karachi is called the Quaid's city because he was born here. He is also buried here. Moreover, Karachi has the honor of becoming the first capital of Pakistan.
Before the creation of Pakistan, Karachi was supposed to be the cleanest city of the sub-continent. It was also called the queen of Sind. But after creation of Pakistan, the population immensely increased and cleanliness became a problem. A good number of large populated areas grew up with quite unhygienic and insanitary conditions. It is a matter of disgrace for the Karachites to know that the Quaid's city was declared by a foreign surveyor as the dirties city of the world.
It is the duty of every citizen of Karachi to keep it neat and clean. There is an old Latin proverb. "A sound (healthy) mind in a sound body". We can never have sound mind in a sound body unless we live in a hygienic and neat and clean conditions. In order to achieve this aim the K.M.C. launched a campaign to "KEEP THE QUAID'S CITY CLEAN" in March1980. It was a good move which proved to be a great success. The authorities publicized this campaign very effectively. The T.V. and Radio programs also emphasized the need of keeping their city neat and clean. Throughout the city posters and banners were displayed on a large scale. In schools and colleges lectures were delivered dwelling upon the importance of neatness and cleanliness.
A well-laid programme was made by the K.M.C and K.D.A. authorities to make this campaign a success. The staff of K.M.C. and K.D.A. staff became very active. Negligence of any sort was severly dealt with. A strict eye was specially kept upon the sweepers of the roads. The general public were requested to co-operate to make this campaign a success. Juice vendors, fruit sellers and others on the footpaths often make the roads dirty and muddy. Many of them were removed and some were fined also for violating the regulations with regard to cleanliness. The students also actively participated in cleaning their school or college buildings. Special bulletins were issued requesting people not to throw the peels of banana, orange, or rubbish on the main road.
The campaign produced the desired result. Some of the chronic black spots of the city were put to an end. Faulty drainage system was repaired. The city roads and cross-roads wore a very neat and -clean look. There was seen no heap of rubbish at the doors of the citizens. The K.M.C. trucks for lifting the rubbish from all parts of the city were seen on their rounds. Officers were deputed to look after the cleanliness drive.
Such periodical cleanliness drives are no doubt useful but are not permanent solution. Efforts should be made to habituate everyone of us to keep the Quaid's city neat and clean permanently. The authorities should make a complete survey of the city, to educate the common man to keep his area clean and to provide necessary facilities to him for the cleanliness. Equally the people should feel their responsibilities in this regard.

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